2018 Tour de Bali

Join us for a week of majestic cycling around Bali, taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells of village life that this tropical oasis has to offer. With our hand-picked support team, you will enjoy five days of world-class cycling, as well as a host of activities that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Join African Volunteer Aid in partnership with Upshift Tours Bali on their…

Tour De Bali 2018

With Bali’s culture of spirituality and healing founded in ancient water temples, it is the perfect location to help raise funds to provide drinking water to the people of East Africa.

What makes this experience so exceptional is knowing you are there because you have raised funds to assist AVA in eliminating extreme poverty in East African and being part of something meaningful. On this 7 day adventure, you will be pushed physically and rejuvenated spiritually as you cycle and tour around this tropical paradise.

Cycle through pristine beaches and lush rain forests and mountain scenery that rivals Europe. Visit water temples and engage in local culture along with daily activities including visiting ancient temples, trying surfing and snorkeling, watching dolphins play in the ocean, and experiencing water healing.

Objective: Raise funds for community development in Africa.
Dates: September 2 to 9, 2018
Trip Duration: 7 Days, Approximately 400 kilometers
Challenge duration:  5 Days
Accommodation: Twin share Luxury Villa or 4star hotels.
Tour fee: $3990 per person
Fundraising target: $1000
What you get: Inaugural ‘Tour de Bali’ participant, all meals, six nights accommodation, airport transfers, event photos and a life changing experience.

This is a cycling adventure unlike any other. Bali is fast becoming a hotbed of cycling in South East Asia, and for good reason! The roads are smooth, the routes we take are quiet, and the scenery is spectacular.

Our aim is to showcase the best of Bali, in different lights; scenery in the morning on stunning 3-4 hour rides, local activities in the afternoon and relaxing in the evenings with local fare and a refreshing beverage or two.

Participating on this charity bike tour you will be fundraising for rural communities in Uganda to have safe and accessible clean drinking water. why does this matter you may ask? well in Uganda, the main traditional sources of water in most parts of rural communities are small ponds and unprotected wells, both of which are easily polluted, causing disease and ill-health. Unsafe sanitation practices and the spread of preventable diseases are a large part of the Uganda water crisis. And as we all know proper water and san­itation is a key founda­tion for achieving many of the other Sustainable Development Goals, including good health and gender equality. your foundering efforts will help us to achieve our goal of giving 50,000 people access to an everyday necessity by the end of 2018.

We have carefully selected a range of activities that will compliment your cultural rides, nothing too physical, we focus on culture and experiences involving water such as a surf lesson, snorkelling, and spirit-cleansing water temples.

By participating in this adventure you will be helping allow easier access to water for many communities by contributing to building water stations in East Africa. This will affect and help whole families and societies.

Having access to clean water essentially means we are one step closer to eradicating extreme poverty in these communities.

Access to clean water is essential in insuring we are able to brake the cycle of poverty which aids us in eradicating diseases that are rapidly growing in under privileged villages.

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Day 1: Arrive in Bali

Day 1: Arrive in Bali

Be greeted at the airport and driven to the villa accommodation in Canggu. Unpack bikes and put them together (or have the team put it together for you). We will then preview the days ahead, and ensure you know where to be and when.

Accommodation: Canggu

Activities: A nice local welcome dinner to get to know everyone and meet the rest of the group.

Day 2: Tanah Lot temple

Day 2: Tanah Lot temple

In the morning we ease into cycling in Bali with our Tanah Lot loop ride (80km). This is one of the flatter rides we do, and we take it a bit easier to get you acclimatised t the weather and the traffic that behaves differently (yet safer!) than home.

Accommodation: Canggu

Activities: In the afternoon we have a surf lesson with our Balinese surf instructor at Batu Bolong beach in Canggu.

Day 3 - Bali’s heart

Day 3 - Bali’s heart

Cycle up the middle of Bali through stunning rice fields from Canggu to Lovina Beach (97km).

Accommodation: Lovina

Activities: The afternoon will be spent at the beach/pool, then at 6am the next morning we will go out on a dolphin sightseeing trip before breakfast and the next day of cycling.

Day 4 - Coast road

Day 4 - Coast road

After dolphin watching, ride from Lovina Beach to Amed Beach (87km). We will take the stunning coastal road around the north and north-east coast of Bali, with the ocean on our left and imposing volcanoes on our right.

Accommodation: Amed

Activities: In the afternoon we will hire long boats to go to the best snorkelling spots in and around Amed.

Day 5 - Spiritual center

Day 5 - Spiritual center

Cycle from Amed Beach to Ubud (92km via coastal road or 72km inland – exact route TBC). We will continue around the coast, before cutting back inland through the picturesque Sideman Valley before reaching Ubud.

Accommodation: in Ubud

Activities: Guests will take part in a traditional ‘water healing’ in Ubud, the spiritual hub of Bali.


Day 6 - Tirta Empul

Day 6 - Tirta Empul

Cycle our Ubud – Tirta Empul loop ride (50km return). As well as visiting Bali’s most sacred water temple, we will also ride a further 10km to visit a coffee plantation and sample Bali’s best coffee, before descending all the way back to Ubud.

Accommodation: in Ubud

Activities: Tirta Empu is Bali’s most important water temple, and the place where people go to purify themselves by cleansing themselves in the water. After this experience, we will ride approximately 10 kilometres to visit a coffee plantation, where people can sample the world-famous Luwak coffee.

Day 7 - Final Day

Day 7 - Final Day

Time to go home, but those with afternoon or evening flights are welcome to make their own plans for the day, leaving their bike and bags at the villa. After exploring, they can then change clothes and shower in the villa before being driven to the airport for their flight.

An additional day of cycling an also be organised with the guides for those who want extra riding.

Transportation will be arranged to take you to the airport for your flight home, or to another destination in Bali if you are extending your stay.

Water Theme

Water theme

As you can see, there is a water theme flowing through the trip. This is to tie in with our goal of raising enough money to build enough water stations to provide 50,000 people in rural Uganda fresh, clean, safe drinking water.

Water forms a big part of the Balinese way of life, and we will show you how the locals use water for ceremonies, for purification, and for prayer.





Are you worried about the costs involved. We are linked to a great fund raising platform that will help you organise a way to mitigate the costs involved with the trip by raising money for a good cause.


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In order to be at your most comfortable, we prefer you to bring your own bike. Your bike knows your fit, it knows your moves and the two of you can catapult down a volcano together on instinct.

However, if you like to travel light, are between bikes at the moment or would prefer to see what you can get without your own, we can also assist you with local bike hire with a number of frames and brands to chose from. Prices are very reasonable (about $40 a day) Please bring your own helmet.

After booking, we will also ask you for information such as frame size, seat height and the saddle you use to ensure you’re rolling comfortably at all times. We will also provide you with tips for packing your bike.

Yes! If they are cycling then together you make up two of the ten participants on the trip.

Yes! If they are not cycling they can enjoy a reduced fee, full use of all villa facilities and activities, as well as access to the villa driver to go shopping, have a massage or maybe visit a yoga centre while you’re out riding. We’ll also be organising activities such as hiking Mt Batur and rice field walks.

We have limited numbers for each tour as this is a tailor made tour designed for you to get the most out of the experience and get to know your fellow riders.

We will cap each tour at 10 participants to ensure your individual needs can be known and met.

You will need to be able to cover 100-150kms a day, or between 2 and 4 hours in the saddle.

If you don’t have much experience in a group ride that’s okay, just be sure to let us know on your application form, we will give you tips and other riders will support you as you go.

We will also have a follow vehicle available should you want to put your feet up and let someone else do the work.

So saying, it will be some work so you need to be accustomed to riding long distances frequently. Our personal test survey will give us all the information we need to know if this tour is or isn’t right for you- fill it in honestly and see how you go. At the very least this might be the motivation you need to grease up the chain and get your bike out of the garage.

The routes have been carefully chosen to avoid congestion and busy areas, and all routes have been personally driven by our management team. This is in part for safety, and in part for the luxury of having winding roads to yourself. While sometimes traffic can’t be avoided (such as at sunset temples for the most part) if you are uncertain our support bus can get you there almost as quickly.

Routes are continually monitored to ensure roads are of a safe standard.

However, just like when cycling at home, accidents can happen. Please ensure you have adequate insurance cover before commencing your tour and wear your safety gear, your gloves will save the skin on your hands, your helmet can save your life.

In the event anything should happen immediate basic first aid kits are on hand as well as drivers to ensure you get to the best practising hospital in a safe and speedy time frame.

It’s all free time! You are never obligated to partake in any activities in any shape or form.

We will aim to have all rides completed in the morning, and be home by lunch time to spend the rest of the day relaxing.

There will also be the option of some early evening easy spins to take in some of the sights.

However, while this is a relaxing time away with your bike, rides will start at the designated time each morning and we won’t be waiting for those nursing a sore head.

There are no other costs! Once you have paid for your visa in Denpasar, you only need reach into your pockets to pay for souvenir’s & shopping, give tips, or any meals/drinks you choose to have outside the villa.

All activities, rides, ride transport and accommodation is taken care of in the tour fee.