African Volunteer Aid is deeply committed to and passionate about lessening the impact and consequences of extreme poverty in East Africa. Our purpose and mission is to provide humanitarian aid through  village based sustainable projects having a measurable positive impact in communities suffering the effects of extreme poverty. We do this by utilising the skills, knowledge and experience of international change agents/volunteers to assist in the on-going operations of creating self-sufficient communities in Uganda, East Africa.


Established in 2013 off the back of a poorly organised and unprofessional volunteer experience on a international volunteer program, our founder Jess started African Volunteer Aid. After she inadvertently participated in a holiday program where her skills were not used and was instead stuck handing out pencils in a school class. Seeing that the $1000’s spent to ‘volunteer’ was utilised as profit for the company she choose to volunteer with rather than in a community development capacity, it became her mission to help underprivileged communities in need of international volunteers.

AVA now have three full time staff in Sydney, 5 full time staff in Uganda and countless volunteers who’s passion it is to meet these objectives.

Read more about our founders story here on our blog.

Its our intention to brings change to Africa through four main sectors: Agriculture, Education, Health, and infrastructure. By focusing on these four core areas we are able to help local communities take charge of their own future, educating and empowering them to become self-sufficient without the ongoing need for foreign aid, breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and in due course establishing a positive future for those in needy circumstances.