Is a cheap holiday worth the expense?

When you’re thinking of volunteering in Africa and start planning your ultimate holiday, what are some of the things you take into account? For most people there are the usual [...]

When you’re thinking of volunteering in Africa and start planning your ultimate holiday, what are some of the things you take into account? For most people there are the usual things like the type of project, the location, and how long they will spend as a volunteer in Africa, then there is one common denominator for everyone: cost.

A concerning trend we are seeing at the moment is volunteer vacation providers positioning themselves as a ‘cheap holiday’. There’s that old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’, so is a cheap holiday really worth the cost of wasting your time and having a poor experience on something that is cheap?

Time and time again I have people say to me ‘Jess, the first time I went volunteering in Africa I chose a company based on price, and I ended up wasting my time and wasting my money.’

When you’re spending a considerable amount of time volunteering in a foreign country, you want to be safe in the knowledge that your time and money is being well spent, and that you will get the most out of your time in the community you serve.

So what does your money get you when you spend it volunteering in Africa with African Volunteer Aid?

Support On The Ground

We have a dedicated support team on the ground in Uganda who will meet you at the airport, then take you through an induction day to ensure you understand your project fully, and know what to expect before you get there.

Our support team are also in contact with project managers daily to ensure that projects are safe, and that volunteers are actually required. This helps to keep numbers low, as we feel you will have a better experience if there is plenty of work to be done by fewer people.

Volunteer Screening

Not every project is suitable for every person, and that’s totally ok!

This is why we have the application process.

If we don’t believe you are a good fit for the project you have chosen, we will let you know well before you have left home, and we’ll consult with you to find a project that will have you helping the community and making memories that last a lifetime.

For example, did you know that we have a Child Protection Policy in place that keeps both your interests and those of the children front and centre in any application process? What this means is we have a minimum requirement of two weeks volunteering to be able to work with children, as we run projects where you work with the children and teach them, not treat them like a photo shoot for Instagram.

Volunteer Work in Africa Costs

With you volunteer in Africa with African Volunteer Aid, the costs you pay all go towards helping the communities you will be working with.

We still believe we have some of the lowest costs there are for people wanting to do volunteer work in Africa, however, we value your safety and fulfilment over bottom lines and dollars.

The costs involved with volunteeringstart from $270USD for one week. This provides you with all of your food and accommodation for the length of time you spend volunteering, and actually gets cheaper the longer you spend in a project!

How African Volunteer Aid Operate

African Volunteer Aid facilitates the hosting of international volunteers to assist in the ongoing operations of creating self-sufficient communities in East Africa. By working in the four main areas of Agriculture, Education, Construction and Health we have a strong chance of reducing the gap of extreme poverty in the communities we work in.

As well as having the financial and on ground support from our volunteers working in East Africa we also collect donations from well-wishers worldwide. These funds are to support our mission and are sent to our needy grass roots organizations we are associated with in East Africa, with 100% of every donation utilized in Africa, therefore keeping $0 for operational costs.

The Organisations we work with in East Africa positively support the establishment of African Volunteer Aid. We work with the communities, not instead of them.

Volunteering in Africa is Worth More Than Money

Volunteering in Africa comes down to much more than dollars and cents. It’s about the legacy you create for your life, the example you set for those around you, and the lives you help change in the process.

These are the things you can’t put a price tag on.

If you want a cheap holiday, that’s great, but book a week on the beach in Bali. If you want a holiday where you make a real difference to the world, then apply to volunteer in Africa today, and let’s work together to drive actual change.


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