This program provides vital support to community members aiding local development through the creation of economic opportunities, reducing the vulnerability of families suffering in impoverished situations.

Community members living in extreme poverty are given the chance to understand how they can address and solve their issues relating to  poverty on ground, once given the knowledge and skillset to raise their level of consciousness around the their situation. Pairing that awareness with their personal capabilities in order to address their issues this program successfully creates small enterprise businesses that are locally driven and giving back to the community, pushing each family out of poverty.

In Africa, many people living below the bread line want to start a small business or expand an existing one, but financial resources are unavailable from banks and other traditional lending institutions because of a lack of collateral.

African Volunteer Aid’s objectives in this program are to provide local communities members with the proper training to set up and run their local enterprises. Aid workers who have a strong understanding in business enterprise and accounting can mentor community members assisting to create new local jobs and aiding them to break the cycle of poverty and hunger.


 Community enterprise consists of mentoring community members. Establishing their personal capabilities and educating them on ways to leverage these abilities.  Enabling these vulnerable community members establish or expand a small, self-sustaining business.

For example, a woman may borrow $200 to buy chickens so she can sell eggs. As the chickens multiply, she will have more eggs to sell, and eventually, she can sell the chickens. Each expansion pulls her further from the devastation of poverty.

Community enterprise has proven to be a successful practice and plays a major role in the development of many African nations. We utilize volunteers with requisite skills in capacity building to mentor, train and provide support through seminars and  one on one mentorship to assist the community giving them the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families without the need foreign aid assistance.


 The main objective for Community enterprise Program is to assist beneficiaries in starting or expanding a business (Small Medium Enterprise), so that they can become self-sufficient. The long-term objective is for participants to expand their businesses and employ others stimulating local economic growth.

Please read this success story here. (Add in joyces success story.)


  • Self-sufficiency for talented youths and women entrepreneurs
  • Breaking of the cycle of poverty
  • Facilitation and encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit in the quest for self-sufficiency
  • Empowerment and self-sustenance
  • Economic expansion and growth creating unlimited possibilities for all members of a community including, youth and women.