First Aid Training


Rural and remote communities in east Africa face significant challenges to maintaining their health and wellbeing. In developing countries these challenges are further compromised by widespread low education and literacy levels, Limited access to safe drinking water and a lack of basic first aid. Increasing the risk of transmitting communicable infectious diseases.

Volunteers accepted into this program will provide community members with the all important knowledge of first aid. Teaching people how to save the lives of others. Due to the incredible need of not just first aid knowledge but also understanding how to prevention water born and other on ground illnesses, volunteers equip community members with life saving knowledge. Pneumonia and diarrhea are the two biggest killers of children under 5, both of which can be prevented with the correct hygiene knowledge.


– Education, education and more education!
–First Aid training.
– Implementing outreach programs in the communities we work in, instigating programs that can be taught to all member in an effective way.
– Educating secondary schools, churches and other community groups about health hygiene and disease prevention.


This project focuses on providing culturally sensitive methods of awareness raising and education around first aid aswel as health hygiene with the goal of saving lives. By means of IEC (information, education and communication) we try to reach as many people as we can through seminars, workshops, written material and one on one training opportunities.


Experience and qualifications are required to this project. Full first aid training certificate needs to be presented upon applying for this project. Sound medical knowledge is also favoured but not a prerequisite upon applying. Volunteers are expected to be independent and creative, bring ideas to the table, be respectful to organization leadership and work collaboratively.

Please contact us to check eligibility and find out how you can make a difference.