How we started


Established in 2013 off the back of a poorly organised and unprofessional volunteer experience on an international volunteer program, our founder Jess started African Volunteer Aid. Instead of helping the community reach their potential Jess was instead stuck handing out pencils in a school classroom. Seeing that the $1000’s spent to ‘volunteer’ was utilised as profit for the company she choose to volunteer with rather than in a community development capacity, it became her mission to help impoverished, underprivileged communities in need and start looking at creative ways to eradicate poverty.

I’d never thought about volunteering to be honest. It was never something on my bucket list.

Volunteering was never something Jess had thought about doing and it wasn’t until her dad got cancer, that this idea came about. During this period, he decided to utilise his time volunteering in outback indigenous communities in Australia teaching the local people all things nutrition and how to cook as he’s a chef.

At the young age of 23, Jess got a small team of helpers together and went guns blazing with the idea of helping all these people she had met after feeling devastated at the impoverished situation the were living in. 

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African Volunteer Aid also offers direct line sponsorship of a child, with all funds going to their schooling, including shoes and meals to give them the education they deserve to get ahead in life.