The Difference Between Humanitarian Aid Workers And Volunteers

If you’ve read anything on our website you’ll see that we are firm believers that volunteers can make all the difference to an underprivileged community. But, with that said there [...]

If you’ve read anything on our website you’ll see that we are firm believers that volunteers can make all the difference to an underprivileged community. But, with that said there can be a difference between volunteers and humanitarian aid workers.  Humanitarian foreign aid programs focuses there efforts on stabilising and developing underprivileged communities. Whereas Volunteer programs focus more around the volunteer having a cultural experience while doing some good in the world. But let me ask you this, If you are not a teacher, but choose to volunteer in a overseas teaching program-what kind of impact are you actually having?

Being a humanitarian aid organisation, our programs entail the sharing of valuable information, care, and assistance to underprivileged communities who lack them. Working in the four core areas that are education, infrastructure, agriculture and health these assistances make sure that many underprivileged communities get what they need to survive, to grow, to become better, and to lead happier and safer lives. We can only do this by inviting volunteer who have this skills to make his happen.

Bringing education to the less privileged, sharing knowledge with those who cannot pay for it and informing the less privilege of valuable information are few of the truest ways to impact lives.

Below are some of the common impacts of volunteering as a whole on underprivileged societies:

  1. It helps protect lives:  Skilled volunteers help to informing the natives of target communities about general health and lifestyle habits that can endanger their lives. It also tells them why they should stay away from such.

In the early 20th century, for instance, a huge number of Africans died of malaria, HIV, and dysentery. But today, humanitarian aid services has done a lot in ensuring that natives of local communities know the causes of these ailments, and how to avoid them.

They have been sensitized about keeping their reservoirs and muddy swamp clean, avoiding stream water, and about sex education for preventing HIV.


  1. Provision of essential health amenities: Still under the ‘protecting lives’ banner, many underprivileged societies have been provided with mosquito nets, immunizations against illnesses, portable and drinkable water sources and even free medications.

As a matter of fact, it would be incorrect to state that volunteer and international aids have played a crucial role in reducing the number of deaths by some ailments and eradication of others like polio.


  1. Educating the underprivileged: This doesn’t come easy, and it sometimes carries a lot of promise likewise challenges. But volunteering as a teacher helps in educating individuals of underprivileged communities but only if you have previous experience in this.


  1. Creation of Awareness: There are many underprivileged societies out there without a voice, there is much more going through unspeakable challenges without anyone tending to their needs.


Humanitarain aid affords underprivileged societies with resource persons, resource materials, resource information and resourceful insights on how to move along to a better societal plane.


  1. Provides an avenue for skills acquisition: Volunteering services provides an opportunity for local communities to benefit from skill acquisition packages and entrepreneurial programs. For example, indigenes of such a community could be taught certain skills and handiwork ranging from dressmaking to soap creation, weaving and a host of many other things.

The truth is that many underprivileged societies may otherwise not have an opportunity to reach certain services that volunteering services offer them.  Connecting volunteers to these communities earlier than most of their government projects do and can give them better chances to become better.

Before you decide which organisation to volunteer with, make sure they are registered to work on the ground in the communities they are having an impact in. Too many organisations out there are taking job opportunities away from  local community members and not affording the working opportunity to those that need it the most. volunteering abroad is about having a positive impact and contributing to that under privileged community. A volunteer abroad experience isn’t about having  a vacation and taking part in the community activities when you feel like it.

This is about making a positive difference, not about taking a holiday.

Join an organisation who are welcome, wanted and appreciated by the communities they work in!

Jessica Charlotte

AVA founder


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