Isma kiiza

Age: 16

Status: Vulnerable

Place of Birth: Mengo Kisenyi, Uganda

How I came to be a part of AVA: I was living in the slums where AVA operate and saw other children gathering for counselling so decided to join them. I have been apart of this program since. I understand I am much older than most children living at the orphanage however my need is the same. I still have hopes and dreams of becoming a sportsperson but also helping and educating other vulnerable teenagers which is why I need a sponsor I work hard in the orphanage helping out and supporting my new friends.

Favourite Subjects: Sports

Hopes for the future: To become a famous soccer player and a person of influence.

About Me

I am the 3rd born in a family of 4 children. My parents separated leaving mum with a burden of looking after all of us through hardships.

My mother was finding it hard to look after all of us and she decided to take us to her other relatives. She took me to my aunt where I stayed for some years until she too could no longer take care of me so I found my way to the streets of Kampala since I no longer knew where my mother was. I have not seen my mother, sister or brothers since being dropped off to my aunts some years ago.