Our mentoring program at its core connects people to their own personal growth and development. It is based on goal setting and mindset strategies.


You will be involved in the day to day life and culture of not only the people you area helping to mentor but also their family and community. A focus of this program is to help build confidence, independence and affect social change.

Utilising the ADA mentorship manual you will be working one on one and in groups with community members.

This is a very hands on program and is both emotionally and mentally very rewarding.


The biggest reason for volunteering as a mentor in Africa is a desire to make the world a better place, and there’s no place on earth that needs a helping hand the way Africa does. You’ll experience firsthand the poverty, injustice, malnutrition, disease and destitution many African’s experience on a day to day basis.

Uganda is still considered a developing country without much access to clean water, education and adequate food. Currently millions of Ugandan’s live below the poverty line on just $1.90 a day. Having a coach or mentor is completely out of reach for a lot of Ugandan’s. For them the idea that ‘life is hard” is a fact for them and not a term they use when having a bad day.

Being a mentor helps immensely to the mentees lives. You will;

– Aid in the mentees personal growth
– Give them a platform to contribute to positive community development
– Provide social support
– Foster a positive self-identity enabling the mentee to live the life they deserve


Mentorship is open to anyone who has experience in this field. Various skills can be translated and used in this program, for example; Life coach, teacher, counselling and psychologist.

Please Note:

You will be given a manual that everyone who participates in the mentoring program uses. This is to stay consistent to make the biggest impact possible.

Please contact us to check eligibility and find out more information.