About Me

Both my Parents are peasant farmers and unable to raise school fees for my education. I have been to a government school before but the education quality is bad and i struggled to learn as there were too many children in the one class, over 100.

Food for Focus

The school we send your sponsored child to can also provide healthy, nourishing food for only $10 a month. That’s three meals a day to calm those famished tummies. This enables children to concentrate, focus, and develop physically, as well as mentally. We see it as feeding both the child and their education.Those children who can’t afford food will need to wait until evening to have their only meal of the day, which will probably not be enough to take the edge off their hunger that night, let alone the entire day at school tomorrow.If you have enough in your home and would like to make a real difference in the world, give a child a chance for the change they deserve. Please sign up for our $45 Education and Meal package.We guarantee that 100% of your money goes towards one child’s education.You will be that child’s only sponsor, their only chance for positive change.As our thank you, and theirs, you will be sent pieces of artwork, photos, and two letters from the child per year as well as monthly updates on their progress and their grades from school. Your sponsored child will feel like part of your family as you get to know their name, gender, age, birth place, village they live in, favourite colour, best friend’s name, favourite hobbies, favourite subject at school, and what they want to be when they grow up.Just $45 a month is all that is needed to send a beautiful child to school and allow their dreams to come true.