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Thanks for showing an interest in helping one of the women who attended the training.

It is for a one of payment off $25 USD.

These amazing women who have very limited education are from the Buzaya district in East Uganda, and work from sun up to sundown. They live without power and no running water and life is just hard work. Yet they attended 2 to 4 days to learn about goal setting, planning, vaccinations and working different… Supported by a local charity called Empower Her Initiatives … A few guys in the 20s who are passionate about empowering them.

I was so impressed that I offered them a startup assistance at the end of the training. They were NOT expecting it. It will consist of chickens, goat, piglet, cement or tin, etc… they will choose. You will get a few pics of the woman and feedback in a few months.

The Australian Charity here supporting the NGO’s in Uganda … African Development Aid delivers 100% of all donations to the people. Every volunteer including the founder, Jessica Charlotte, pay 100% of all their expenses including travel, transportation, accommodation and food. If you are interested in volunteering in any way … Have a chat with her. An amazing girl!!


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