Hand Ups Not Hand Outs

Just solving problems for people in need helps, but it is not the best way. The real difference is made when you truly provide the tools and opportunity for people to improve their life. This is why we don’t give handouts, we make sure that we are helping beyond just a meal or clean water, but helping to really change lives and put people in a position to influence change much more far reaching.

Lasting Impact

To make sure that our efforts are going to make a lasting impact we also make sure that systems and tools are available to continue the effort and effectiveness of our programs. Community savings groups play an integral role in ensuring we are able to step away from a community knowing the are functioning well and are self sufficient.

Whole Community Transformation

A big part of making a lasting impact in a community is about giving people the tools and opportunity to be able to help themselves. By enabling people to improve their conditions they are able to also help the rest of their family and more. Strong active members in the community have a wide-ranging effect on the people around them and we want to give more people the chance to make a difference, not just be helped. To improve a community we start at the grassroots level working with the community not for them.


Change happens from within. We are very aware of this and have incorporated mentoring and goal setting as part of our lasting impact. By offering mentorship in group settings we are seeing better results and a higher success rate. The program essentially connects people to their own personal growth and development assisting them be successful.

Female Empowerment

Unfortunately, in East Africa, women and girls are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to local communities. A lot of the time simple but time-consuming duties like fetching water will interfere with education and community efforts. There are many things that can be done to alleviate these problems, but we have found one of the best is to educate and empower women in the community to not only provide for their family but also impact their community. But giving them the tools and support we have see how much of a difference just one woman can make.