Our Vision

To address extreme poverty in East Africa through community development projects.

African Development Aid is deeply committed to and passionate about lessening the impact and consequences of extreme poverty in East Africa. Our purpose is to advance rural communities through community enterprise projects, offering training, mentoring and support to community led  projects.

We believe poverty is a complex issue and the underlying cause is too compound to be addressed by one individual alone. Our experience working on ground is teaching us humanitarian aid alone isn’t pushing a community living in extreme poverty out of that poverty, it’s masking the root cause that needs to be addressed. Utilising a micro grant program is enabling sustainable independence promoting grass root development. There is dignity in labor and we are proud to be affording the poorest of communities that hand up.

Our Mission

Advance Africa’s own ideas to enable sustainable change through innovative community led projects.

Enabling rural communities to take charge of their own future by educating, empowering and influencing them to become self-sufficient without the ongoing need for foreign aid, breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and in due course establishing a positive future for those in needy circumstances.

By assisting in the start up of small business enterprises we allow the chance for education in not just a skill but also business and money management.