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We’ve asked are past volunteers what made their experience unforgettable, out of the ordinary and unlike any other holiday they’ve had. While some said it was the mere fact they [...]

We’ve asked are past volunteers what made their experience unforgettable, out of the ordinary and unlike any other holiday they’ve had. While some said it was the mere fact they got the opportunity to experience and live briefly in another culture which gave them a different perspective on life, others said it was the incredible experiences they either simply stumbled upon or were recommended to do by the locals.


We’ve managed to narrow the list down to 5.


Monkey feeding at Prayer Mountain– this is an amazing secret treasure hidden in the outskirts of Kampala in Seguku. Bring old bread or left over food and monkeys will race over to take it from you and eat it from the palm of your hands. The mountain is only a small but steep hike however definitely worth it! It’s recommended to go at sunrise. Not only will you get once in a life time opportunity but also be blessed to see an incredible sunrise! Our volunteers were able to have this experience while volunteering in a nearby orphanage. However soon word spread and our volunteers based on the other side of Uganda came across for a weekend to take part in this absolutely magical experience. #BLESSED


 Queen Elizabeth national park- in fact any national park in Uganda is incredible to visit (Winston Churchill didn’t call it the “pearl of Africa for nothing”) but what made Elizabeth national park so memorable was the tree lions. Time and time again people have raved about seeing the tree climbing lions calmly sleeping on various branches and so close to the road you’ll travel on. No need to go hunting or getting a lion tracker for this experience as all our volunteers who have gone exploring these lions have always arrived back with positive stories of seeing them. This can be a DIY experience so just ask your local volunteer co-ordinator to organise with you and he or she will be happy to drive you around this park. You’ll just need to purchase a permit at the gate before entering.


Kasubi tombs- Hello history! Tomb of the kings as the locals refer to it, is a burial site for four former Kabakas (Kings of Buganda). The tombs here have the world’s biggest hut under UNESCO, which gives off a real feel for the power of the Buganda kingdom. Also enjoy exploring the tombs with a very knowledgeable tour guide whose passion for this royal family is incredibly apparent.  Located at the top of Kasubi Hill, only around 5km’s from Kampala. Convenient and educational!


Rwenzori mountains– mountains of the moon. Located in the incredibly beautiful town of Fort Portal. If you love scenery, incredible views, hiking or just feeling free then you’ll want to tick this of the list. Our past volunteers were lucky enough to have the local orphans take them on a hike here, exploring the mountain and even showed them the hidden caves (it’s good to know the right people!). So, if half a day of exploring is what you’re after then be sure to drop into our orphanage located close to the mountain (don’t forget our orphans will be at school during weekdays). The orphans will take you on an unforgettable excursion filling you in on all their local knowledge. If it’s the full scenic circuit your after then a 7-day hike with guide can be arranged. However, you’ll want to be some-what of a seasoned hiker as the high altitude, terrain and sometime wet weather can make things quite difficult.


Safari-A trip to Uganda could never be complete without a Safari. We have partnered up with one of the best safari providers in Uganda (and even got a special discounted rate for all our volunteers and sponsors) meaning your safari trip is like no other. This 3 day 2-night experience will leave you with an immense sense of appreciation for all things LIFE! You’ll explore not just land animal (lions, giraffes, elephants, too many to list!) but you’ll also get the incredible experience of doing a water safari on the river Nile.  Our safari starts off in the Murchison falls national Park. Here you’ll get to take in breathtaking scenery and off the chart waterfalls. Below you’ll get your first glimpse of the river Nile. From then on in it get better and better. Experience glamping in an eco-tent, under the stars with the sound of lion’s roar’s waking you up in the morning. Witness herds of elephants, sunbaking giraffes, hungry hippo’s and lazy croc’s. Time and time again the safari has been an absolute highlight of the volunteer’s trip. Here they’ve been able to see exactly all Africa has to offer, many of them rebooking the safari wanting to stay longer (even our director has done several-although she won’t admit to exactly how many!!). Our incredible warm and welcoming tour guides do the absolute upmost to make your experience one you’ll never forget.


So, we’ve tried our best to choose the top five experiences to do in Uganda. Its’s been hard to choose only 5 as there’s so much this country has to offer. Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee sanctuary, Baha’i temple. But here’s a start. We look forward to seeing you in Uganda soon!




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