Here at African Volunteer Aid we have many previous and ongoing projects aimed helping to eradicate poverty in East Africa. On this page you can see some of the amazing programs we are doing with help from our supporters and volunteers. If you would like to help please CONTACT US, think about DONATING or SPONSORING A CHILD or if you want a life changing experience VOLUNTEER NOW and change more than just your own life but lives of whole communities.


Community Mentorship

Our mentoring program at it’s core is designed to show the people in Africa that there is someone put there who cares about them, assuring them that there don’t have to be alone in life’s day to day challenges and makes them feel like they matter. Read more here

Women Empowerment

Our women’s empowerment program shows women they are not alone and supporting them (emotionally and mentally). This program includes grassroots helping and building up communities through educating and supporting women and their families. Read more here

Community Enterprise

The community enterprise program provides vital support to community members aiding local development through the creation of economic opportunities, reducing the vulnerability of families suffering in impoverished situations. Read more here



Volunteers are needed for the on-going construction and water building projects in the community. Our construction projects create a lasting and positive difference in local communities. If you have particular construction or related skills you can make a real difference in these communities. Read more here

The Wash Project

Our Wash Project assists with changing the main traditional sources of water in most parts of rural Uganda, small ponds and unprotected wells, and are easily polluted. Proper water and sanitation is a key foundation for achieving many of the other Sustainable Development Goals. Read more here

Pit Latrines

The Pit Latrine construction project is under the WASH project and it fall under the sanitation to ensure access and use of basic toilets and ways to separate human waste from contact with people. One important end the spread of disease and facilitate community-led initiatives to build, maintain and use basic toilets. Read more here


The Conservation and Environmental Project has been initiated under our integrated poverty alleviation and conservation program.

This program educates, offsets carbon emissions and transforms communities into healthier more sustainable environments. Many people especially in the rural area in Uganda live on severely degraded land. These land conditions directly affect their living standards. It is very difficult to grow food, collect firewood, or make a living off the land. Degraded land also contributes to global warming — when trees are gone, they can no longer remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Medical Support

HIV and AIDS: More than just a health crisis

HIV and AIDS affect every dimension of social and economic life, robbing children of parents, contributing to maternal and child mortality, devastating work forces and undermining economies. Our work focuses on the children left most vulnerable by the pandemic and on preventing transmission from mothers to babies.

Infectious disease: Pneumonia and diarrhea are the two biggest killers of children under 5, while malaria remains a major killer in sub-Saharan Africa. Preventing and swiftly treating these diseases is the best way to eradicate them— and we work to help achieve this.

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