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Being a change maker doesn’t have to be a big statement, it can be as simple as deciding to sponsor a child in Africa as a small gift to one [...]

Being a change maker doesn’t have to be a big statement, it can be as simple as deciding to sponsor a child in Africa as a small gift to one person in need. As we approach Universal Children’s Day on the 20th of November 2017, it’s the best time to think about changing the life of a child, permanently.

It can take an incredible amount of trust to give money to a stranger, especially if you are not sure what impact that money will have. You have every right to know where your money will go and those it will benefit, so here are the reasons why you should sponsor a child in Africa through African Volunteer Vacations.

Your Money Goes To Those Who Need It

The money you provide goes directly to a child’s education. There are no skims or money filters on the route there, you pay for their education and that is exactly what they receive.

You give them the ability to attend school, have books to learn with and, if you can afford a little extra, nutritious food in their tummy so they can concentrate.

Without your donation orphans and poverty-stricken children are not permitted to go to school, if there is no money, there is no class. They want to learn, very badly, and it’s heartbreaking to see them lined along the school perimeter gazing intently inside, or sometimes slipping in to sit at the back of the room only to be chased out when they are noticed. Children will even wait all day in the heat so they can copy their friends work after school.

Equipping a child of Africa with an education gives them tools for a brighter future and an opportunity to break the poverty cycle, for good.

It Is Working

The numbers of children suffering from poverty and malnutrition in Africa are simply too much for most people to take in.

They are so big we just can’t comprehend it or feel there is any way to help.

The situation is improving, thanks to projects that provide clean water, farming, education and support from those who can afford to donate their time, resources or money.

UNICEF data shows us that children who die under the age of five has been halved in the past 10 years in countries like Uganda. Even with improvements it is still upsetting to know that 5.5% of children born in Uganda won’t make it to their 5th birthday. If we compare that to Australian statistics, the number of children who die before age five is 0.4%.

Stay Local, Make Global Change

Sponsoring a child in Africa impacts the whole community with almost no effort on your part. You don’t even need to leave home.

Working as a volunteer, either in your local community or as a volunteer in Africa is an uplifting experience because you get to witness the positive change and know the people you are helping face to face. However, it’s not always possible to be there in person. Family or work commitments or travel or financial limitations may mean you can’t do as much as you like or commit to helping in the ways you want.

No matter what your situation, you can still make a massive and heartfelt impact to a community of people desperately struggling. People who, through no fault of their own, are in a place of poverty and disease.

If you feel a calling to become a change maker, or acknowledge the suffering of the people in African communities, you don’t necessarily need to travel all the way to Uganda, you can still contribute in ways that really count.

Sponsor a child and feel that deep satisfaction of making a genuine impact. In return you get to learn about the child you sponsor, their community, culture and unique circumstances.

Make A Connection

We understand the special feeling that comes from making a difference in a person’s life, that is why we want to be sure that you and your sponsored child connect, no matter the distance.

We want to create that one-on-one feeling that eradicates those giant numbers and has each of us focusing on changing the world one person at a time.

Africa Volunteer Aid does that; connects you to a child in need.

Through our child sponsorship page you can read about the children’s stories and circumstances, and sponsor a child who you feel a connection with.

Rather than placing your money in a pool to be shared however an organisation sees fit, your money literally pays for that child to go to school.

We use our team on the ground to open a path of communication between the two of you, so they get to know you, and you get to know them. It’s a deeper sense of satisfaction and more rewarding for everyone. It’s also evidence that you are helping. When you create a connection with your sponsored child you are able to see their progress and see first hand the genuine difference your contribution has made.

Witness The Growth Of Family

Communities want to take in their orphans and look after their kids. Disease and malnutrition mean high mortality rates and crippling conditions for families.

Orphaned children or children of sick parents are often taken in by relatives, or close family friends, however, they already have their own children to provide for and limited food and resources.

The extra pressure put on families is incredibly stressful. Children literally go hungry, surviving on one small meal at night to help them sleep. The relief it gives a family to know that child has additional support from overseas is tremendous. Their ability to assist and care for all their children increases once the family knows they don’t have to do it all alone.

As a long-term benefit that child has an increased ability to give back to their community and contribute when they are older.

Giving Every Kid A Chance

Some families can’t afford to send their kids to school but do their very best. So many kids start out at school but are not able to stay long enough to graduate.

As kids get older they may be asked to go to work to contribute towards the family income, or as families get bigger the older kids drop out so the younger children can attend. In some cases, the death or sickness of a parent reduces income and adds extra pressure on older children to assist with chores and raising their brothers and sisters.

When you sponsor a child’s education you allow them to stay in school and complete their education. It also means that the pressure of school fees is off the family and they can spend that money on groceries and medicine.

An Individual Child For Every Sponsor

The unique letters and artwork you receive from the child you sponsor let you see the good you are doing. The progress you see in their schoolwork is entirely due to your kind donation.

While we are working with volunteers to help the communities support themselves, be healthy and independent, we still need as many hands on deck as humanly possible to make a difference to every child in every community.

For $45 a month you can make a difference to the life of a child in Africa, not just now, but for their lifetime. Giving them possibilities they would never have had, the ability to grow and develop, and a pathway to determine their future is what being a change maker is all about.

Jess Charlotte

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