Volunteering in Africa. One of the best things you can do for yourself and others

When it comes to reasons to consider volunteering in Africa, I only need one; the smile on the children’s faces, that’s enough for me. I can say that though because, [...]

When it comes to reasons to consider volunteering in Africa, I only need one; the smile on the children’s faces, that’s enough for me. I can say that though because, after more than two years as a volunteer, those first-time jitters are far behind me.

For you, looking at volunteering for the first time, or volunteering in Africa for the first time, you might need more than just a promise of a smile to help make the best choice for how to proceed and where to proceed. And of course, this is an important investment, and you want to be sure that investment is a safe one.

Volunteering in Africa: Create a Better World

When it comes to putting in time or money to help make a better world, the choices are staggering. If you are looking at making a positive impact in an area of great need in a way that will have lasting and powerful benefits, look to Uganda.

Our volunteer work at African Volunteer Aid is special. We only do work that really counts. Our focus is to create a better world in lasting ways. We go to the heart of community issues. Rather than giving token gifts or providing band aid relief we seek out the genuine issues and work with the local villagers to create a powerful new beginning.

As a volunteer with us, you can teach people about irrigation that is sustainable and effective, harvesting and selling crops, native forestry, and help to create understanding through teaching on hygiene, schooling, diet and housing materials.

We look further than the pencil in the child’s hand, we look to every aspect of what makes an education work and we provide as many children as possible the chance to be in that school chair.

Volunteering in Africa: Expand Your Horizons

So many people feel that they need a little bit of time to see the world, to explore something before they settle down into that job or that career and get serious about the future.

Some people have been in that office job and feel that they need a genuine break.

What about some time for right now?

If a holiday just doesn’t seem to stretch your horizons, why not combine a trip abroad with doing something amazing?

Our volunteer organisation is for those who are looking to take a journey of self-discovery. Take the time to get an idea of your place in the world, what you have to offer and a deeper sense of where you come from through enriching the lives of others. African Volunteer Aid have done the research and the ground work, and have crafted a bridge between cultures to make your journey there safe, rewarding and powerful for everyone involved.

Volunteering in Africa: Get Hands-On

The fastest way to learn is to take action. There are certain things that just cannot be taught in books and classrooms.

Heart, people, and community are examples of pure life skills, not from books, not from study, but from life.

That’s why African Volunteer Aid makes sure the work you do as a volunteer is hands-on. Our aim is for you to gain as much out of being a volunteer as the people of Uganda gain from your presence and assistance.

Your work will give you experience you can’t find anywhere else in areas that can be transferred into your current workplace, or maybe even help shape or determine your future career.

Leadership, prioritising, communication, teamwork, commitment, compassion. These are not just concepts in the village where you will be living and working, these are pivotal and essential ingredients to ensure what you do and what you bring lasts for generations to come.

Want to wow a future boss with demonstrated ability to work as a team or be a leader in a challenging environment? This is where you build those valuable and rewarding life skills.

Volunteering in Africa: Gain Perspective

Want to see how small 1st world problems are? Come to Uganda.

You will not just visit these villages, you will be embraced as part of them. Being fully submerged in the most authentic way gives you on the ground knowledge of just how incredible the world is and how life changing even the most basic resources can be.

When you connect with the people in the African community you will open up a whole new understanding of what you have, what challenges these people are facing, and that you as one individual can make a difference.

In Australia, there is a big gap in our knowledge of how big the problems in Africa are. What these villagers face on a daily basis; poverty, disease, starvation is caused by horrific circumstances that we have never been exposed to.

Corruption and political instability, a lack of government interest in schooling, in health care, gross negligence in terms of manufacturing, export and international trade that have stripped the country and people bare.

By coming here, by witnessing it you are ensuring that more people know. You are telling the authorities responsible to the African people that we are watching, that we are paying attention. At the same time you will be sharing knowledge and skills in life-changing ways, things that up until this point, you might have been taking for granted. This new perspective has the power to change your life, as well as theirs.

Volunteering in Africa: Create Lifelong Friendships

Want to take this journey with like-minded people? When you join a volunteer organisation you are aligning yourself with other people who care about the planet and culture. They are investing in themselves and the world in positive ways, just like you. Form deep friendships with fellow volunteers and the local community as you step out and make incredible changes of growth and discovery.

If you are ready to go on a life-changing journey, then come volunteering in Africa with us. The time you dedicate there, be it one week or twenty-four weeks or anything in between, will be of lifelong benefit and reward for everyone, and by everyone, I’m including you.


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