Our women’s empowerment program is designed to show the women that they are not alone and there are people who care about supporting them, emotionally and mentally. Through this program you will be in the grassroots stage of helping and building up communities through educating and supporting women and their families.


You will be involved in the day to day life and culture of not only the women you area helping to mentor but also their family and community. A focus of this program is to help build confidence, independence and affect social change not only for the women but also everything they are involved in. This is a very hands on program and is both emotionally and mentally very rewarding.


While you will be mentoring only one person, the effects of this transcend not only her, and her family, but also the whole community. The difference you can make will help empower and encourage these women to make a real difference locally.

Some of the things you will make a difference with;

– Building self confidence in order to flourish in the community
– Educating women in life skills
– Helping your mentee become more productive and successful
– Providing a support network and process for when times get hard
– Organisational skills for the opportunity to build a better future

As a mentor in Africa your given the opportunity and platform to use your knowledge and experience as a coach to contribute to positive foreign aid and social change.


Women’s empowerment Mentorship is available to women who have experience in this field as this program is very important and close to the heart. Many skills can be translated and used in this program, for example… Life coach, teacher, counselling and peer support. Even just being an active member of your school and community will provide you will the skills you can use to help. We provide a manual that everyone uses from African Volunteer Aid to stay consistent and help you make the biggest difference possible.

Please contact us to check eligibility and find out more details.